Pole Position™

Get the most from your IKE investment.

imageIKE 4 is the only handheld integrated solution that delivers better efficiency, safety and Photo Verifiable Accuracy of measurements and geo-location for utility poles.

As cleverly integrated may its components be, IKE 4 often requires a substantial effort for truly integrating the data it captures in the complete workflow of any organization using it. This is where Pole Position comes into play.

Pole Position is the IKE Data Processor that we created for interfacing the IKE Field & Office Cloud and for processing the native JSON data produced by IKE4.

imageOnce localized in your organization, Pole Position automates processes such as data validation, regulatory compliance and automatic transcription, generation, and assembly of custom documents such as pole data sheets and joint use permit requests, whatever their format and presentation standard.

Here's how we make you leverage your IKE 4 investment:

Better efficiency in the field

  • Based on the intended output prescribed by your workflow, we create the form(s) that will be used by your field personal for capturing data with the IKE4 Field device. These forms are optimized for capturing the data which is required to produce the intended output while streamlining your field operations for better data accuracy, quality and productivity.

Optimized post-processing in the office

  • We localize Pole Position into your organization and we train your personal to work concurrently on the data uploaded to IKE Office and on how to operate Pole Position to process that data. The result is that much of the work that needed some human intervention is done automatically, faster and better, for typically performing data validation, regulatory compliance analysis, specific reports generation, joint use permit requests assembly, data exports etc.

Benchmarking the complete solution of combining IKE 4 and Pole Position against traditional processes, we realised an overal increase in productivity of 72% while producing data that is more accurate and verifiable.